Failed Mission

Never fall for trap tricks. Okay, let me start the story.
“Snip Snap!” Goodman Kornolious was ready for another mission. This mission was about stealing a golden bowl and returning it to the bowls real owner. Goodman Kornolious was ready for action!
Now Kornolious was at the house where he going to steal the golden bowl. But the fake owner of the bowl was much smarter than Kornolious. He had set a trap already.
“Bang Bang,” the bowl fell to the found, so did the trap. At first Kornolious didn’t notice a thing. But when he turned around he noticed the trap.
“HELP!!!” He yelled. The fake owner of the bowl said, “If you return the bowl to me I will let you go.” Kornolious had no choice but to return the bowl.
“Hooray!” He screamed. Then he remembered he had not had a mission that ended well. He knew that he would be fired. He decided not to say anything just yet.
Kornolious was ready for his number two mission. He was surprised he wasn’t fired from his first job.

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