Bang! Bang! Watch out, duck, ok clear go, go, go. All I could hear was Bang! Bang! I could feel my ears ringing, there was blood everywhere, everybody was crying. I started to run back to base. Bang! I had been shot the pain was excruciating, I instantly fell to the ground. I woke up in a dark room “open”, said a Japanese soldier.
He pulled me out of the room. “Stand”, yelled the soldier. “Kneel” screamed the soldier. Suddenly the pain was even more excruciating, I screamed...
The soldier whipped me so hard that the pain is still there, people say that you can’t escape but they are wrong. I need to get out of here I need an escape plan, but it was going to have to be a good one. I can’t stop staring at the gates it is almost like they’re calling me. I must be going crazy.
Ok I’ve got it, my plan is going to pan out like this. I was going to run through the gates, then I was going to get on one of the emergency boats and start to paddle.
I can’t believe I am doing this but the time it’s here. Time for freedom! “Runnnnn”, I screamed. I just made it through the gates, I am now in the boat and I start to paddle....