Netball Dreams

TWEET! The whistle blew. I jumped up, intercepted a pass from Balnarring Bluetongues. I pass to Brydie who is goal attack, and Brydie passes to Ella who is goal shooter. She shoots and scores.
“Well done Ella.” shouted Dandenong Rangers happily.
We ran to our coach Jane. She gave us advice like to stick to our player, to defend the other team and stay in front.
It was our Centre’s ball. The whistle blew, the second quarter started and Balnarring Bluetongues were going down the other end of the court fast. Before we knew it Balnarring had scored. The score was 3-1. We went to our coach and she told us that we were falling in a deep hole and that she’ll start pushing us to our limits and not being in our comfortable zones.
The third quarter started, the umpire blew her whistle. I ran out, intercepted a pass from the other team. We were going down the other end of the court fast. I pass to Ella who then passes to Olivia, Olivia shoots and scores, everyone clapped. The third quarter was finally over. Our coach didn’t say anything, she just left it up to the parents to give them advice.
The final quarter had started. There was a lot of pressure on us girls. We need to not do anything wrong in this quarter otherwise we could lose our lead. TWEET! I grab the ball from Brydie, passes to Olivia who passes to Emily. Emily shoots and scores. The final quarter is over.
We waited for the results. The score was 10-9. We won the game and now we’re in the finals. Everyone screamed.
“Well done girls, I know you could do it!” Cried our coach happily.
We won’t be playing for another five weeks so just sit back and enjoy the rest of the holidays.