I Am A Doll In A Shop

One day a woman came to the shop with her daughter and when the daughter saw me, she asked her mum “Can I please buy that doll it reminds me of sister who got taken away by the witch please.”
But her mum said, “NO.” and lots of tears came out of my eyes but I had to stop, I was so sad when the girl went out of the shop with nothing. In my head I said ‘I wish I could be a sister of hers again.’
One day a girl from high school came into the shop to look at me and sat on the ground and she gave me a very nice hug, because she saw no one took me and I was the only one of my kind. Then I started talking to her and said “There’s something that has never happened before, I am not a real doll, it all started when I was walking through a cave that I had never seen before, I just went in when this witch just picked me up and put me in a pot and put lots of liquid on me to make me a tiny as a doll and talk.
Well that was how I became a doll, so then I gave the girl my tissue to wipe her tears, she asked me if I was a lost doll of hers, and I just said “Yes,” even though I wasn’t, from that day on we became friends, and played hide and seek and lots of other things that friends do. I liked her and she loved me too, now I know who was going to own me, I am going to tell her name, it was Jessica and I was Menlia Sermelia! I hope this never happens to anyone of you, I wish I never even went in that cave but after all I did get a nice place to live in!!!