OH Brother

SMASH! Glass shattered everywhere. The moonlight shone through the broken window. “Who’s there” yelled the security guard shining the torch at the glass. Then a plank of wood hit the guard in the face and knocked him unconscious. The car’s motor yelled as it sped through the garage door and on to the cold streets of the city.
Jonny was walking to his car when he felt as though someone had punched him in the stomach. His whole body swung around to see a car race by him quickly. Jonny wrenched his car door open and jumped in, he sped away like a grey hound. It was a one on one situation. The stolen vehicle was weaving in and out of traffic and racing through red lights. Jonny knew he must stop him before someone was hurt. The car slid left then right followed by the sound of crunching metal.
Jonny shone his headlights on the wrecked vehicle and as he approached it, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He pulled his weapon out and aimed it at the car. It was as dead as a graveyard. Then down the alley he saw an outline of a figure. Jonny felt as though one of them wasn’t going to walk out of here alive but instead be carried out in a bag.
Jonny found himself yet again in pursuit of the man. The assailant tried everything to stop Jonny. Then as the assailant fell Jonny seized his opportunity and jumped on the attacker. Jonny ripped off his balaclava and revealed the suspect.
“Jimmy,” said Jimmy’s brother Jonny.
“Yes it is me,” replied Jimmy.
“But…..W w w why?”
“I’ve placed a bomb in the city” muttered Jimmy.
“Where is the bomb?” shrieked Jonny.
“The Park!”
“Right, let’s go!”
They both hopped inside Jonny’s car and drove off. The brothers arrived at the park in record time. “Evacuate everybody” said Jonny as he headed for the bomb. The bomb read 2:01. Looking at the wires coming from the bomb, red, blue and yellow, sweat trickled down Jonny’s neck. He felt as though he was having a shower by the amount of sweat he had covering his body. He had no idea how to defuse a bomb. Pulling out a pair of scissors and closing his eyes he grabbed a wire and cut it. He saw he had cut the blue wire and the beeping stopped. He had defused the bomb!
Jonny took a long hard look at his brother and walking over to him he threw the car keys at him and said “Quick get out of here before I change my mind and stay out of trouble!” “I won’t forget this” said Jimmy as he jumped in the car and sped away. Jonny watched his brother drive away because he knew he should have arrested him but brothers are brothers.