Ghosts Don't Exist

I have never seen a ghost and never will, so from now on in, I strongly disbelieve that ghosts are real. Like. My brother says that ghost are real. Ok, maybe my big brother use to say they existed to try to scare me. He would say that every time he tried to go to sleep as a kid, at the stroke of midnight, there was a loud crack and from his closet and a large, black shadow lay on the floor looking like a huge monster. Something or someone would burst through the closet door. The ghost would jump on his bed like a mad man wearing a black mask and cape and red gleaming eyes glowing like fire. My brother would stare at in cold fear. I still don’t believe this garbage at all, it’s completely fake.
I just keep a baseball bat underneath my pillow every night just in case something happens to me too. I still get spooked by him and mum thinks I’m crazy, besides, they can’t be alive.
Ha, Ha, ha, don’t worry about that or should you?