Walking With A Criminal

Well it was a day like no other, plain Jane and no excitement what so ever. In the town of Alice Springs, people walked, talked and did nothing Ben Walker seemed interested in. Then Ben heard a roaring sound in the distance. Suddenly a bright red Ferrari came at full throttle across the big green hill leaving major dirt marks. But he didn’t stop there; he tore through the town and came to a screeching halt of where a crowd had just formed to see what was happening. Outside of the hotel, the driver opened the door in such force Ben thought the door would’ve been ripped from the hinges if he did it any harder. Ben caught sight of who this strange person was. Then something flicked in Ben’s mind, he knew who he was. He was a criminal!
His name was Maximus King. He was the world’s biggest criminal. Ben followed behind Maximus very slowly and silently into the hotel. Why would he want to come to Alice Springs? As Ben walked into the hotel, he lost track of Mr. King and wondered where he had disappeared to. Ben walked up to the manager of the hotel and asked if he had seen a man Ben described as tall, skinny with a black scruffy beard and a hat. As Ben turned around, he caught a glimpse of Maximus and rushed after him. Ben was right behind him, when Maximus turned around. Ben was so scared he fainted and fell to the ground. While no one was, looking Maximus picked Ben up and carried him into what seemed like a storage room. He placed Ben on the ground and poured a jug of water to over his face to wake him. Ben awoke looking startled. As Ben looked Maximus in the eyes, they instantly bonded. Ben asked him if he could join his next despicable crime. Maximus agreed but told Ben once you’re caught the police won’t get of your back. Ben knew his parents would be ashamed but he didn’t care. He hated his life when there was no adventure and mischief. He told Ben his next plot. He was going to rob the Alice Springs Black Wire Casino at midnight. Ben agreed and not long after, midnight came. They dressed in black and set off on the quest to steal bags full of cash. When they reached the casino, they quietly crept around the side of the building. Inside they saw where all the money was stacked up in the open safe. They smashed the window and climbed in. As the screeching alarm rang through the casino police swarmed everywhere. Then they realised they were caught red handed. They arrested Ben and as he turned around he saw Maximus running into the night with the over flowing sacks full of cash.
Three days later Ben Walker was sentenced to life in prison, but that was until he escaped.