Since I was born I have heard people talk about justice and being fair,
At first things did not match up; but then they started getting clear,
We need to talk about this; is this world actually fair?
There are people suffering here and there,
But my main focus is the girls every where,
What do we do to a guy, who speaks up?
We sit next to him, and say bro what’s up,
But what happens when a girl tries to speaks up,
People walking by just say, shut up,
A boy says dad I really want to study,
He gets a pat on his back, and an alright buddy,
But when a girl says the same thing, she gets a marital ring,
So all of you people, tell me one thing,
Is this what’s called being fair,
Why cant girls get respect and care?
Think about what I said, are we actually fair?


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