One stormy and terrible night I was sitting on the door mat waiting for it to stop. Moments later it was still raining, so I ran inside and brought out a basketball. I was shooting hoops when I saw a rocket crash land from outer space.
The next day I went to visit my uncle. We were so into rockets and space vehicles that I told him that I had found a rocket. So we were getting ready when mum asked if we were going to Hobart (but instead we were going to space).
So we flew fast … instead of taking 10 hours it only took 2 hours to get into space. We looked around and discovered a planet so we zoomed there really fast. It was called Halo.
We landed perfectly and gently. We walked around and saw a building made from Stirling Crystal. We peeped inside and saw aliens talking. They were saying “Those earth beings are stealing our gold. We need to destroy Earth” the elder said. “We leave at midnight.” I said to my Uncle Leroy, “Come on, let’s save Earth.”
So they flew to Earth and reached home in time for the megaphone to arrive. Everyone gathered at the town square. “My Uncle and I heard aliens speaking. They want to destroy earth. We need to fight back.” So they got ready their military tanks, Swat teams and jeeps to drive in. At midnight they came! Aliens were all over the place. “Fire at will!!” shouted the Commander of the Swat team. We moved into position and fought back. We had the edge by two kills so close but it was almost over. One to go. Missiles, bullets, grenades and mines were fired…moments later we cleared for victory!! Hooray!! We had saved Earth. “If it wasn’t fore that kid we’d all be dead by now!” said the townsfolk. “Hip hip hooray! For Draigon.”


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