Family Buisness

Someone’s P.O.V
Today I got a letter with my family crest on the back sealing the letter’s content from peeping eyes. I sighed as I opened it up using my blood because you know my family being who they are make advance technology and stuff. My eyes scanned over the paper quickly and I cool feel my anger building up as I threw the letter down and walked away.
Dear Alfred,
Your mother and I would like you to come home as we miss you dearly and you being a freelance assassin is making your mother worry about you lots which has caused her to develop a weak immune system and she gets very sick. So please as soon as you get this come home.
PS: we would also like to talk about you going into the family business and maybe taking it over.
From your Farther Arthur Kirkland and your Mother Annabelle Jones.

I cannot believe the nerve of that man thinking ill come home and enter the business and trying to hide that fact of it with my mother being worried about me. I walked over to my room pulled out what I needed to pack and my assassin bag as I have a mission to go on tonight.
I finished packing and waited for night to fall before getting my gear on and leaving to find the man I had to go and eliminate for the safety of the home for struggling women. I had heard a man in his late 30’s had been caught assaulting a young women in her 20’s who lives at the home for struggling women but he had gotten away and now the owner who is kindly helping these women is worried that more of them my get assaulted from the man or other men so I thought I would help and get rid of him for them..
No one’s P.O.V
After Alfred did his mission he went home and got cleaned and took is luggage and proceed to head for his car and began to drive towards the old gold mine that was owned by his Father. “No-one has worked in there for years now I still don’t know why father doesn’t just blow it up ‘Alfred muttered to his-self.
Suddenly his car broke down and he swore a few words and got out to try and fix it and only to fail to notice that the ground was unstable around him. The ground gave way and he fell down into the old gold mine. When he hit the ground the broken away ground had landed on his right leg crushing it making him cry out in pain and pass out.
Hours later he woke up still stuck at the bottom of the gold mine but the difference now was he could hear people talking and he saw many flashing lights. Later on he found out he had broken his leg and ended in his family business.

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