Tank's Box

One day, Tank got a box. He found it in Rosewood Road, on the street next to the brown brick house with a garden of purple, pink and yellow flowers.
The box had colourful balloons on it. It was a small box that he could hold in one hand.
Tank thought it had something small like a rat in it but when he opened the box he would get a surprise.
He sat on the footpath and opened it with his hands.
It had four XBOX games and they were cool. They were Forza Motorsport, Call of Duty, Skate3 and another motor game.
He felt really, really happy.
One day, when he played the games, they froze.
He didn’t know what to do so he smashed the games. He bent them in two and he threw them against the wall until they smashed into bits.
He only had one game left to play with. The game he had left was the Motor bike Game so his mum came in and said
“What’s wrong?”
Tank said, “The game froze because the X-box was broken.”
His mum bought him a new one.