David The Gingerbread Dino

Once upon a time, there was a kid called David. One day David met a mad scientist. What‘s that? Did he have an evil laugh? Of course he had an evil laugh! A cold-blooded, spine-chilling laugh. The mad scientist zapped David with a machine. ZAP! It turned David into Gingerbread….DINO!
David ran away from the mad scientist, he ran to his friends James, Mitch and Isaac. His friends didn’t recognize him. They thought he was an ordinary Gingerbread Dinosaur that was tasty. They chased him. Oh, by the way, James had curly hair and was happy-go-lucky. Mitch had blonde smooth hair and loved fun. And Isaac, tall, merry, black smooth hair a bit of ‘dimwit’. (“We get the point” David yelled at the narrator).
“Let’s gest back to the story! Run, run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me; I’ll just climb up a tree.” Well, climbing up a tree wasn’t very bright. He woke up a bird living in the tree. “I really gotta turn back into a human!” then David had an ideal. He hopped onto the bird’s back. Then the bird took off. He started to look for the mad scientist. He saw him and jumped off the bird. He landed on the machine and flicked the switch. He jumped down and ZAP! He turned to the mad scientist flicked the switch and, ZAP! The mad scientist turned into a mad, mad scientist……Gingerbread grub! “Ha, Ha” said David, whose laugh was not so evil.


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