I Absolutely Love...

Books are fun, books are nice, books are what I read at night. Full of fantasy, fun and more, I like to read them all day that's all. Adventures full of noble nights, Goosebumps full of scary frights. All these books I like to read, all these books I dream and sleep. Books are my life, things I can't do without, take them away from me and I'll cry and pout. Now that's my little poem for books, enjoy the next one about my favourite animals' look.

My favourite animal is orange and black, and it doesn't have a hump on its back. It is one of the largest species of wild cats, and it's my favourite football team so got the yellow and blacks! That's right, you guessed it, the tiger it is. Now I wonder how you got that answer, without me giving you a hint. Wink, Wink! "GO THE TIGERS!" our family always says, and without that slogan, we're in nothing but nets. So now you see how the tigers inspire my family and me. Now that's enough of my ROARING friends, "onward for the next poem on karate!" the captain says.

Karate is fun, karate is true, karate is what I like to do. It's a sport full of fun and games, but more importantly, it's full of self-defence. It teaches you good and different things, and also things that can help you defend or what is clinging on you. We are different from other people, and you will never know if that's true. Some people love it, some don't. As you know, I can't give karate up without a fight.