Hannah's Surprise

In the pond, there were four little Mermaids and their names were Hannah, Lillie, Jayda and Chloe.
One day, they were swimming under a floating magical balloon, that had a butterfly on it and Hannah really wanted to find out what was inside the balloon so she asked her friends to help her throw some rocks at it to try and pop it. “I got it” said Hannah and presents fell out of the balloon.
Then they saw a talking bird flying by, which told them how to get to the Kingdom. The Mermaids needed to get to the Kingdom for Hannah’s 6th birthday
party. “One more waterfall to go and we will be there,” said the bird.
The group of friends made it to the party in time and they had brought all of the presents that had fallen out of the magical balloon to help celebrate
Hannah’s birthday. !!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The end


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