Fairy Trouble

Back in 1988 in Fairy Land, there lived three fairies called Ruby, Amber, Rosemary and their parents. There also lived a big bad dragon called Spike because he had enormous spikes on his back. Ruby has a ruby red, shiny dress and black, long hair. Amber has a beautiful, shimmery, blue dress, long blonde hair and glass slippers and Rosemary has a green dress and long blonde hair with brown stripes.
One day, the three fairies were playing tips when Ruby’s delicate wing got stuck in a thorn. Ruby called for help. “Help my wing has got caught!”
Amber caught site of Ruby and went to help but unfortunately, Amber’s beautiful, blue shimmery dress got caught. “My blue shimmery dress!” she cried.
Ruby and Amber called out to Rosemary for help. “Help! Rosemary help!” but
Rosemary could not hear them. Spike heard the two fairies with his big dragon ears. “Lunch is served,” he said grumpily. Rosemary saw Spike and her friends. Rosemary ran to help but by the time she got there, Spike swallowed Ruby and Amber. “Noooooooo!” cried Rosemary.
Rosemary chased Spike to help the two fairies. “Help Spike has swallowed us!” the two girls cried.
Rosemary chased Spike for a long time until Rosemary lost sight of Spike.
Rosemary had to help. “I will have to call the adults!”
Rosemary ran very fast and told everything to the parents. Rosemary’s mum and dad, Amber’s dad and Ruby’s dad all ran to find Spike. They took a bag of magic dust along. “We will need this,” said Rosemary’s dad, “and
Rosemary you stay home.”
The parents all split up with a handful of magic dust each. “We have to split up,” said Ruby’s dad. “Take a handful of magic dust,” said Rosemary’s mum.
The parents searched for three hours. “Any luck?” asked Amber’s dad. “No!” said the parents. But the fairies did not lose hope. They continued the search and due to their hard work, they found each other at Spike’s lair and they found Spike. “Yay we found Spike!” they cheered.
They climbed into Spike’s lair and all threw the magic dust on Spike. He giggled so hard and Amber and Ruby crawled out. “Yay!” They all went home and told the good news.
Now the young fairies always remember to bring a parent with them, and the fairies lived happily ever after! The end


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