Vigil Beside Me

I close my eyes, And pray for sleep. A silent wish, I never keep.
Because when they shut, My mind unfolds.
A never ending abyss, A deep, dark hole.
Wide awake unable to fall. Stuck, not in control. Pills just don't work anymore.
It hurts when the memories of dark nights come
Straight from my enemies and getting in my mind
In these dreams, The demons speak.
They tell me secrets,Too dark to repeat. She lives in my mind, This demon that speaks, She knows what she wants, Forever she seeks,
I should not have been left alone With my mind for that long.
And for that I feel As if I've been fooled. Fooled by my own internal demons.
Moulded with sorrow, Of past despair.
My body tormented, Until the fresh morning air.
I no longer have control Over my own complex mind
So I pray for the sun, It's sweet release.
From these sleepless nights, A soul without peace.
No sleep, No dreams, Just me. It's true.


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