Harry And The World Time Control

Harry’s eyes shivered with fright as he frantically tried to open the cold, rusty door. He was fumbling over the door knob when it silently creaked open. Inside were long, dusty hallways with strange smells beckoning explorers to come. Harry’s eyes caught sight of a sign on one of the doors, ‘Keep out! Danger!’ His insides tingled like they do when he is yearning for an adventure.

He cautiously stepped inside, he was interested in everything, particularly the dazzling, shiny lever. “Should I pull it?” wondered Harry. He was frightened, scared and horrified by the skulls and bones scattered all over the ground. Harry accidentally leant on the lever…
A door beneath him clicked open, revealing complete darkness under him. This was one thing that was not looking good.

Harry landed heavily on a pile of rags, he was fortunately alright. He noticed old papers labelled ‘Discarded’ were poking through a drawer. As he slowly picked them out he took in the valuable information ‘1981: Zach Miller Threatens to Take Over the World.’

A screen slowly appeared in front of him, “So you’ve found my past,” said the stranger. Harry looked at him wearily and confused. “I’m Zach Miller, it is true, I am going to rid the world of time, it’s over!
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” He cackled evilly and disappeared.
The News switched on, “It has been clarified that we have one minute left in the world,” says the reporter. “The world time control has been taken over by Zach Miller in the Pacific Ocean.”

Harry rushed out a random door, up the stairs and outside where he found himself in the freezing cold. He dashed to the beach and dived deep down to the world time control. Zach Miller was not there. Harry sneaked into the enormous, glass dome to find lots of computers and high-tech sounds. He rushed to the dashboard with the ticking clock on it, he carefully put time back to normal.

When Harry reached home he heard on the news that Zach Miller had drowned while returning to the world time control. The world was saved, all because of him.



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