Jedi Master

She’s black, she’s white, she’s fallen to the dark side then the light.
She makes mistakes going back and forth, yeah she Obi One Kenobi yeah she using the force.
She doesn’t like green; she got a red lightsaber,
For a hobby she’s destroying worlds with her man Darth Vador.
Cruising around with the captain Han Solo, gave him a drink so he’s driving drunk oh no.
Crashing, into the planet tatooine. Picked up Luke Skywalker not knowing a thing,
Stormtroopers, are out to get the little slick, but I sent them away with a Jedi mind trick.
Princess Leia kidnapped oh no what’s going to happen, Han Solo to the rescue in the millennium falcon.
C3PO doesn’t know what to do, so he asks for help from the android R2D2.
C3PO you know he’s a little stubborn, so the blue and white android goes and pushes a button,
Chewbacca, Luke and Solo are running with princess Leia,
Old Ben starts cussing mamma jokes at Darth Vador.
Luke tries to get away but sees Obi One; Darth Vador takes a swing, and now old Ben’s gone.
All hope is lost, but guess what they have me, I’ll train Luke as my padawan, the greatest he’ll ever be.
Yo it’s Star Wars, and yes it’s cool, grab a lightsaber, red green or blue.
Pick a side, dark or light, use the force and join the fight.

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