Rainforests In The World

Tree trunks fly up high in the sky in search of long lost sunlight,
whilst moss chases it up also in search of the bright, blazing rays of the sun.

Streams and rivers flow through the forest in search of fellow water, whilst deep ponds lies still, enclosed by the sinking, wet soil.

Leaves dance high and low in the wind, whilst roots shove their way through the damp soil.

Branches expand out in curvy, twisty lines, whilst twigs spread themselves everywhere else to make a dry platform.

Trees suck in the carbon dioxide, and then huff and puff the oxygen out for the world to enjoy.

Mud tries to darken the forest with is blackness, but this is no match for the bright, smiling flowers brightening the place up.

The wacky bushes unsuccessfully try to block the sunlight out, but the sun is smart and forces its way through to the forest floor.

There is a soft hum of the wind carrying away the sounds of today and getting ready to listen to the sounds of tomorrow.


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