I Got This!

"Slow down!" Alaska screamed from the passenger seat of her best friends second hand Toyota.
"Where is the fun it that?" Max yelled back over the screams and wails coming from the defining music playing out of the car radio.
Alaska frowned, "Seriously, your to drunk to be driving anyway!" They had just left a crazy party that her long time friend Alisha Benette was throwing while her parents where out of town and both, Alaska and Max, were drunk. Max more then Alaska.
Max turned his head to his best friends and smiles drunkly, "Don't worry, I got this!" His slurs distorting the sentence to a mumble, just as he push his foot harder on the accelerator while still staring at Alaska.
"Head, head on the road for gods sake!" She screamed banging her hand on the radios mute button. For a split second everything went silent, but just as quickly as the quite started it had ended with all sounds, thoughts and noises wiped out by the ear crashing boom.
A scream escaped Alaska's mouth as her head wiped forward and back as the old Toyota rolled and rolled and rolled to a stop. Moments after the car stopped all was silent again as if nothing where wrong, Alaska carefully turned her head to look at her best friend. As pain, both physically and mentally, shoot through her body when she saw her unmoving friends hang there upside down from his set, blood slowly emerging from his nose.
With a small shout of pain Alaska remembered only, "I got this!", some famous last words she thought as slowly her body went numb starting from her feet and gradually making it to her neck and then head. All was dark.