A Bee's Life

I never really liked bees that much, until the day I became one. I have always had been allergic to them. Never in life, had I been stung, until today. I see a bee and run for it. No one knows what would happen to me if I got stung, even my doctor, Mrs Trafalgar (I hate her, she’s a beefy, evil scientist). I run the opposite way from the bee to my friend. I stop for a rest, and the world goes black, I can only faintly remember the bee staring at me straight in the eyes…
I open my eyes and look around. Where was I? Why does everything look so big?
“I have wings!” I exclaim.
Should I try them? Yes I should. It works! All of a sudden, I hear the hum of bees flying. I turn around towards the sound. Maybe the queen of bees would know what to do; duh! I start flying to the hive, but a humongous bee stops me.
“What are you doing? Who are you? Where did you come from?” he asks.
“I’m trying to get in to the hive. I’m a human and-“
“You are not a human! Why are you here?”
I decide a fake story would work: “I was joking! Of course I’m a bee, you dumb, dumb! I have something important to report to the queen. If I meet her, I’ll tell her that some stupid ding-dong stopped me from reporting something that could wreck our hive!”
“No, no,” he says hurriedly, “you may enter.”
I enter as gracefully as I can.
The place is amazing! It has all the hexagons you would imagine it to have, like in all the pictures. I fly into the queen’s larger (by far) hexagonal space.
“I hear you have something to report,” the queen says silkily.
“Yes,” I answer pleadingly, “please help me return into a human.”
“Hmmm… on one condition. You tell your kind to stop wrecking our hives.”
I nod hurriedly, “I promise.”
She murmurs something and suddenly I’m human again, back at home. I look back. A fat bumblebee gazes at me and nods. I turn away and smile.


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