A Blank Page

It’s extraordinary how something so simple holds so much
Potential, promise and power.
This short tale has been written 1000 times over
But 1 more delve into a creative mind won’t cause any harm.
Potential. For disaster, for love, for victory.
For creative juices to thrive, for marriages to begin or even to end.
A blank page may be someone’s escape or someone’s demise.
Power. It holds tremendously in its scientifically structured molecules.
Power over people, lives, relationships and wealth.
A merciless hero and joyous villain all rolled into one.
Only to be flattened out, shredded or crumpled afterwards.
Promise. I won’t delve too deep,
for if I do I’ll be trapped in this white sheet’s clutches
With Arial font and size 12 as its weapons.
But a blank page promises me solace. A place of escape.
A place to be 100% me and sometimes 100% not.