Landing At Anzac Cove

Landing at ANZAC cove

Silence crowded the boat. Darkness took its place with dawn gradually approaching. The fear lay within the soldiers, with whispers only to be heard. With weapons loaded, hoping to return to their loved ones, soldiers are loaded into their row boats to conquer their fear and save their country. They land at a narrow beach at Anzac Cove. Roars of bombs, tension and cruelty surround the land as several soldiers drop to their knees to kiss a loved one “good bye”. One by one brave Anzacs drop to the ground leaving a thud of dust into the salty, sweaty air. With sombre looks on their faces they continue fighting for their valuable country. Climbing up the mountain fearfully and enviously, only a few soldiers make it to their trenches great fully and proud to have made it this far. Their last prays are said. Trapped in this misery trying to escape this prison of hell.
But can you imagine, in one minute’s silence, the courageous efforts these men and woman put in to fight for our country? Imagine you arriving on the beach with a twirling tornado like stomach, your last prays have been said and your mates are dropping dead like flies? With memories stuck in your confused head you kiss your loved one good bye as you continue your journey. Imagine the sound of guns and shouts shooting into your ears and filling your head with a thousand unanswered questions?
We will remember them.
BY Mikayla Morris

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