Once upon a time there lived a dreadful Halo and it was going to destroy the world. So the alien team are on a mission to terminate the Halo. The two commanders were Adam and Alyssa with their group of 4 other troops. Green ugly zombies guarded the Halos quarters. So the Alien team had to kill them. They used their tanks and their needlers to kill them. Alyssa tripped with her rocket launcher in her hand and blew up both Commander Adam and herself. They both respawned with only 2 more lives. Adam put on a invisible cloak but sadly Alyssa spawned right on the edge of a bridge. So she fell to her second death. She only has one more chance. They went onto the elevator and they could see the massive Halo hovering over them. Alyssa got too scared and jumped through the elevator glass to her death. It was all up to Adam now to eliminate the Halo. He shot the Halo with a needler but it did nothing except kill him. Adam teleported right where they died the first time by the rocket launcher. He picked the deadly launcher up and blew up the Halo Everyone loved him and he got flowers.


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