Nala The Bottlenose Dolphin

In the dreamtime, there once lived a girl named Nala. Nala was always hunting for fish. She always went into the water to fish by hand.
Nala always took a bottle with her that had water in it so she had something to drink. When Nala went to catch her fish, she always took her bottle into the water. Nala did this so she could hit the fish and that would make it easy to catch them.
One day when Nala went out to go fishing, she found her bottle was very light, so she swam with the bottle in front of her. Nala swam so beautifully with her feet going up and down. Later, when she was fishing, she did not want to sleep on dry land or in a shelter. All Nala wanted to do was stay in the water. That night, she made a wish upon a star and fell asleep beside the ocean.
The next day Nala found she had no legs and her arms had turned into fins. A little while later, someone walked past the shore and saw Nala. They called her a Bottlenosed dolphin. To this day, we can still find these Bottlenosed dolphins.


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