Dandelion White

In the back garden, digging up a very big bone, is a small fluffy white dog. (That’s me!) But I’m not so white anymore!
“Dandelion! What have you done?” Asks a little girl in an orange dress and yellow tights. I think she wants to play! “Woof Woof!” I reply jumping up and down excitedly.
Uh oh! She has picked me up! My little legs are moving as fast as a car but I’m not getting anywhere! HELP!
Then I see a white tub, the colour I...used to be. Water is pouring into it. And suddenly I know what it is. It’s a bath! The thing every dog dreads....
Then I see my chance. The door is open! I wriggle out of the girls grip and bolt to the door! Almost, almost and.....NOOOOO! A lady in jeans and a purple top picks me up and dunks me in the water! My fur gets soaked and I feel cold even though the waters warm.
“Good,” I hear a little voice say, “Nice and clean!” I start to walk out and as I reach the door, I shake as hard as I can, hoping I got them wet.
I’m almost at the door when I see a shiny thing called a mirror. I look in it and I see.....Me, all shiny and clean!