Lame Dave

One day there was a man called Dave. He always told unreal jokes which was so boring. He was very lame. Everyone called him Lame Davey except for Bob. Bob called him Davey. Bob did not like his jokes either but they were friends.
Bob lived next door to Dave. One day they had an argument, Dave said to lame joke to Bob. Bob said “You can’t keep on saying lame jokes.” “Okay” said Dave. “Good” said Bob, then they went to the park then went back home.

When they got back home, they played video games on their X-Box until morning They had lunch together that day and dinner. They had prawns and played more video games. In the morning Dave had porridge. The next day Bob died in a car crash and Dave cried ‘Noooooooooooooooooo! He cried like a wincey whiny baby.

The End

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