Faeries, mischievous creatures they are, They steal your gold and tamper with your fate.
They'll make you late for work.
They're tricksters, they are, playing jokes on you and ticking your brain.
Making you think there's a train; but really it's a car.
They fly around spreading their magic everywhere.
It spreads like blood diffusing into warm water.
Nobody dares, mess with the faeries powers; one women lost her daughter.
But there's one thing faeries fear.
And it's not very dear. It's the cold brittle rock that keeps you safe.
A knights shining armour.
Cold iron is what they fear.
You'll give them a dilemma, if you have the cold steel.
All in all faeries are cheeky little things.
They fly around tampering with your world.
They'll steal your ring. And make you feel as your brain was whirled.
Don't mess with them, or they will mess with you.


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