Ode To Pets

Dash the dog
Is adorable, tiny, happy, energetic and has stubby legs.
Margarine the cat is sleek, moody, short and soft-furred.
She doesn’t like you, she uses you like a teenage girl — FYI, MOODY.
Alex the axolotl is lizard-like, kind and cool —
Because he’s amphibious, half land animal, half water.
Hamburger the chicken is a dumb, feathery, plump bird
Who doesn’t know any better than to run away and starve herself silly.
Wiggy the fish is slippery and wiggles a lot.
A bearded dragon likes lounging on hot rocks and eating. A bit like me.
A goat eats grass and Mum’s flowery dress.
A turtle is odd.
A gecko, odder.
A chameleon, colourful.
A snake? The oddest pet of all.
I love pets — I wish I had one.