Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Read Write Repeat 2015' competition


One rainy day Tyler, his sister Summer and his mum and dad went camping. “Can we go exploring?” shouted Tyler. “First you need to unpack” said their mother. They reluctantly began to unpack. Tyler got out his favourite book called Jungle Explorer. When they were finally done their mum gave them permission to go exploring.

“Be back in time for supper” shouted their dad. Summer and Tyler set off exploring. There was a lot of mud that went up to their waist. It was hard to move. They found a river to clean themselves and excitedly leapt in. No sooner than they had hit the water they scrambled back out because it was freezing cold! “Lets catch fish” said Tyler. “We do not have enough time” exclaimed Summer “look at the sky”. Darkness was rolling in. It was nearly night time!!! Fear started flooding Tyler of what would happen if he was late for supper. Desperately they started to find their way back but it was too dark and they didn’t have a torch or candle. Realising they couldn’t make it back in time they started gathering sticks to make a fire. Tyler felt very lucky that his Jungle Explorer book had taught him how to start a fire.

Tyler and Summer were so worried. It was dark , cold and they were starving. “What can we eat?” they exclaimed. In the dim light they saw sour grass flowers that they could pick and eat. They were so hungry - they ran and grabbed handfuls and stuffed them in their mouths. They felt exhausted so they lay down on the ground. It was cold and uncomfortable. They had to count 100 sheep until they went to sleep. They cuddled up with each other and finally fell asleep. Suddenly they heard an owl hooting. “Hoot, hoot, hoot”. They woke up terrified!!! They heard the crickets chirping. Realising it was only the owls and crickets they went back to sleep. Meanwhile a wolf could smell them!! “Yummy food” it thought in its head. “I haven’t had food for a week”.

Meanwhile Tyler and Summer were asleep when suddenly they heard someone breathing!!! They woke up with a start and saw right in front of their eyes- a wolf!!! “AAAGGGHHH” They screamed. Tyler grabbed a sharp stone and jabbed it into the wolf. The wolf yelped in pain and scampered off into the bushes. In the distance they saw a faint glow. “MUM, DAD” they yelled and ran to their parents and hugged and kissed them thankfully. “We were very worried” yelled dad. “Sorry mum and dad” they said together. “We won’t do it again.” And they never did.



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