Occurence - War In 2039

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Read Write Repeat 2015' competition

The night is fierce. I run upstairs to hide in the cupboard. Neon light sparkled brilliance through the cupboard door. London in 2039 had dawned the age of advanced warfare. I heard firearm shots and the whirl of the air ships. I can’t resist having a peak out of the cupboard door. Mother banged the cupboard door shouting, “Nathaniel stay hidden my child." Violent winds shake the dividers of the house, permeating the air with quiet piercing screams. The terrible sounds were overwhelming. I leave the cupboard contrary to my mothers wishes. I hear a shout that will never abandon me. I see my mum tumble to her knees and gaze at me with her wonderful light blue eyes, that gradually oscillate to a dull chestnut. Moderate salty gem tears tumble from her cheeks to the ground. I try to hold my tears back as men with defensive layering secured by a covering of disguised material and gas masks enter the room. Suddenly a veil of gas encompassed me. A cerebral pain of boisterous clamours fills my surroundings. That night marked the end of my simple life as a young boy to become a man in a dark, bloodcurdling, nightmare driven prison. I didn’t cross my mind that I was going to be in captivity for the rest of my life.

13 years had passed I developed to be egotistical driven by contempt, desire for family and utter retribution for my mother. Fashioned and forged upon these sentiments I survived the merciless years in the nightmare I was kept in. Gradually I looked as my kindred individuals in bondage passed on frequently of starvation and of self inflicted death. One dull stormy night, when no light had held its place, without precedent for quite a while, was a man caught and conveyed to the jail. He was a much more seasoned man then I, he seemed slight and weathered. I asked that night sir, I am yet a young fellow who knows next to no of the world. He raised his head gradually as water and soil streamed off his head, as an overwhelming storm and huge winds pursued outside. The man answer with a low however serene tone and a sound of knowledge, "I have seen things that you individuals haven't seen, assault ships ablaze off shores. Air fights the human personality can't envision." Sir is the war over. He addressed and turned "Everything is lost in time." The war was done yet however finish, the destruction of war would have crumbled the world and society as we know it. Trust in a future appeared to blur in my mind as he left. I without deduction hollered, what of survivors. "You would not recognise them" I felt a sudden chill down my spine and felt frightened however confounded in the meantime, not recognising what this implied. That night as I was dozing. Thoughts, dreams and visions of my mother dying rushed like blazing fire through my mind. Silent Voices and howling winds waged war in my mind
To be continued...


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