Maiden Of Spring

As sweet as the nectar of Daisies in Spring. As the cool air flows past thy and sings. The silky softness of clouds and the darker blue that chases after it. When young birds chirp for hunger, awaiting food to cometh. And the sun that warms her pallid Ivory skin. O how I long for a maiden as fair as the Spring. She whom can conquer my heart. Be my Rose, and shall I steal untainted chastity from beneath the sheets? Touching her pure and overthrowing innocence. All circles of life involve unkindness; making her mine, for love is blind. Deceiving beauty and capturing commitment. Sharing untold secrets. Rustling of the trees, beseeching the glinter in her eyes. Gorgeous spheres that alike to jewels. Her gaze; toward me, calling me, luring me in like the calls of the spotlight for sinners. 'I love you' simple and pleasant yet truest meaning of affection, binded in a duration of time. A lovers beginning of growth from within. But just as Spring ends so does this chapter.