Harry Potter And The New Teacher

One day a boy named Harry was at school but he did not have his usual teacher. The new teacher’s name was Mrs Potter. She had eyes as red as rubies and an emerald green dress. Harry was surprised by her name because his last name was Potter as well. It could not be his mother because she died in a car crash.
When Harry was coming back from lunch he noticed Mrs Potter doing weird things in the classroom. Suddenly, he heard a loud BANG! An enormous black cloud of smoke appeared. He went in the classroom and noticed that Mrs Potter was gone and there was a huge black stain on the carpet. He stood on the stain and then he went into a gigantic colourful hole. The hole spat Harry out very quickly and he landed in front of a magnificent castle. He decided to have a look inside.
After one hour of looking Harry finally came to the last classroom and he found Mrs Potter. Mrs Potter explained they were at Hogwarts and they went through a portal to a different dimension. Mrs Potter told Harry the real story about what had happened to his mother. She didn’t die in a car crash she went down a gigantic portal and came back as a teacher!
“Dddddoesttthhat mean you are my mother?”
“Yes I am your mother.” announced Mrs Potter. Harry was so excited he ran up to his mum and replied, “I was so worried about you but how come you did not come back for me?”
“Because I didn’t know where you were.”

Harry and his mum both started to cry. They went to the library to see if they could find a book to reverse the portal and take them back home. Harry and his mum found a book called ‘How to Make Portals to the Muggle World’. The book listed everything they needed. So they mixed the ingredients altogether and then a big black portal appeared. They jumped in and raced through the portal ending in a classroom at Harry’s school. Harry and his mum decided to move away to a deep dark forest so no one would ask questions to them again.

By Katelin Abra 4O


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