Picnic On The Moon

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Read Write Repeat 2015' competition

“MUM” shouted Olivia. “I want to build a rocket ship and fly to the moon so I can have a picnic with a family of aliens.” Olivia’s mum looked up from cooking the dinner with a very confused look on her face. “Errrrm a rocket ship? Really? And aliens??”
“You always said I was capable of doing anything if I put my mind to it.” Said Olivia. Olivia’s mum shrugged her shoulders and let out a big sigh. “Yes Olivia, I have always said that. Let’s go build a rocket ship!”
Olivia and her mum headed outside to the garage to gather up all of the tools and materials they would need to build a rocket ship. “We’ll have to get a start on this tomorrow it’s almost dinner time, and after that it will be bath, book and bed.” Olivia went and did what she was told, but she couldn’t get the ideas out of her head, she just wanted to get started.
It was just after 10pm by the time everybody was asleep. Olivia hadn’t slept a wink, she’d been so busy brainstorming ideas to build her amazing rocket ship and her trip to the moon! She snuck out the back to the garage hoping that she would not wake the dog. She made it quietly to the garage past her snoring dog and got to work straight away. Olivia was having the time of her life using all of the materials and tools that she and her mum had gathered earlier in the day. She was tinkering around in the garage for what seemed like hours. Finally her rocket ship was ready to launch.
Olivia snuck into the kitchen to pack a picnic for her AMAZING adventure. While she was there she decided to leave her mum a note.
Dear Mum,
I’ve gone to the moon to have a picnic with some aliens I will be back by dinnertime.
Love Olivia.
“3, 2, 1 blast off!” Before she knew it, Olivia was flying at the speed of light on her way to the moon. After what seemed like hours Olivia had landed on the moon. Olivia slowly opened the door to her rocket ship and stepped out into the strange looking atmosphere. She let out a loud giggle because she felt like she was standing on a gigantic piece of Swiss cheese!
Within minutes, a lovely looking little purple family of aliens surrounded Olivia.
“Hello, good morning, my name is Olivia I’m so pleased to meet you! I have brought with me a picnic would you like to share it with me?”
“Why hello Olivia my name is Si, this is Le and Boo we would love to join you for a picnic I know just the place, follow me.” Si led the way whilst Olivia chattered non-stop the whole way. Finally they made it to their destination, which was a big bright yellow crater.
Olivia unpacked her picnic, which consisted of… cold pizza, creamy soda and a pavlova topped with cream and fresh strawberries.
Si, Le and Boo had never had these types of foods before but they LOVED it. When they finished the picnic Boo insisted that Olivia come back to their house where she could try some alien food. When they got back to the aliens house, Boo rushed to the pantry to grab his favourite food for Olivia to try. Boo walked out with a massive plate of Le’s homemade Green Slime Pie. “Ummm, I am really full from our picnic, perhaps I could take a piece home with me?” Said Olivia. Boo agreed and Olivia slipped a piece of the Green Slime Pie into her pocket.
Si, Le and Boo walked Olivia back to her rocket ship, as it was time for her to leave. She said her goodbyes and started up the rocket ship once again.
“3, 2, 1 blast off!” Before she knew it Olivia was on her way back to earth…
“OLIVIA!!! Have you been out here all night?” Olivia’s mum was standing over her in the garage, arms crossed and with a very cross face. Dazed and confused, Olivia opened her eyes and found herself in the garage surrounded by all the rocket ship bits and pieces…She sat there wondering if her picnic on the moon had really happened or had she dreamt the whole thing??
“I think you need to take yourself inside, get your PJ’s on and get some sleep. Put these dirty clothes in the laundry so I can wash them.” Olivia’s mum looked really angry so Olivia did exactly as she was told.


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