E Story

Dear diary yesterday my family and I went for a walk down to the beach we stayed there
for a few a hours, but just as we were about to leave we saw a hot air balloon.When we looked up
we saw our uncle in it, he threw down a letter but it landed in the middle of the ocean I quickly
ran and dived into the ocean to get to it, mum and dad called out 'be careful'.While I was in the
water a ginormous wave came and washed me away bubble, bubble,bubble ... WHAT HAPPENED!
Where am I, I think I got washed into another dimension it must be a dream.I started pinching
myself really hard I wasnt waking up I was just hurting myself. Wait I've just realised the place
its what I've been dreaming about the isle of the lost where all fantasy people live.
All the people that live there are fun and always goof around. I have never
met such a happy bunch of people. Always so happy and never sad! Now how to get home I wonder
I saw in the distance a pretty and friendly looking girl I approached her to ask how to get back
home? She threw her arms around me hugged and welcomed me, she told me her name was Layla
and I told her mine is Sophie. She said of course I can help you but why would you want to leave
this beautiful friendly place, you just got here dont you want to look around. Ok thanks can
you please show me around. Sure lets start at the beach end, over here is the beach hut where
we get our delicious drinks from my favourite is the coconut water, you should try some. Come
sit down I'll grab you the coconut water. While I was waiting some other people came and were
talking to me their names were Harper, Hailey, Marcus and Christine. They all seemed like friendly
people we had a friendly chat. When Layla came back she helped me get to know them a bit more
and asked if theyd like to join us on the tour of this island. On the tour we saw the most amazing
shells, restaurants on the beach, rocky coves and a beautiful garden filled with flowers. We then
went to Laylas house where they told me about the secret of the island is that the flowers are
magical. The reason why this island is soooo pretty is the flowers spread prettiness across the land.
If you pick one and take it into your house you can ask for a wish and it will come true. You can
only ever pick one flower. Layla thought I wasnt listening but I was busy writing all this down and
trying to draw all I had seen, as I had never seen such beauty, the sun was glowing, the flowers
were in pink, blue, purple, red all the colours of the rainbow they looked
d like they were smiling.
The sand was as soft as silk. Suddenly the wind started to blow it was getting stronger and stronger
I could not stand anymore it was started to pick me up and fly me around then suddenly SPLASH
I opened my eyes and there standing above me was my mother and father I had been knocked out
by the wave, but as I was gazing into the sky I noticed in the distance the hot air balloon Im sure
I could see Layla, Harper, Hailey, Marcus and Christine waving to me from inside. Was this a dream
from being knocked out by the wave or did something mysterious actually happen.
mmmm I will never know, but every now and then I see an amazing flower that makes me wonder?



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