Family Dinner

In a very nice restaurant was a girl, boy, Mum and Dad. They had a very nice time. Then they ordered some food. They all ordered bolagnise they said to the man "Take it back now pleases, because we have finished" Then they all ordered their drinks. They all had lemonade. The Dad said "Why are the drinks taking so long?" The family screamed out "Hurry up!" So then they drank their glass of lemonade. Then they went home but they couldn't go home because their car wasn't outside. The mum got her phone out of her pocket and called a taxi to take them home but the taxi man said "It's $10" The Mum said " I don't have any money" "Sorry, you can't have a ride home. You must give me $10" said the taxi man. "But instead I can give you a dog" said mum "But that's not worth it" said the taxi man. the family walked home and they all brushed their teeth and they all had a bath then they went to bed and had a very good sleep and the Dad snored.

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