Dark Oblivion

Creeping under doorways, sliding under sills,
Dripping onyx pooling on the ground.
Darkness comes a-prowling, all daylight it kills,
Shivers up your spine, don't look around.

There might be a monster sliding out from under-bed,
Or a reaper come to take your soul away.
The night is full of sounds of the moaning undead,
Try to close your eyes till light of day.

Out in the darkness where shadows shroud the land,
Where courts of jeering demons leap and bound.
A strong wind is blowing, I fear we've met the end,
For a reassuring dawn can not be found.

Startling spears of starlight, icy fires in the sky,
Deepening the shadows of the night.
Dark oblivion leaves you no option but to lie,
Pondering the reasons for your fright.


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