Excellence Award in the 'Read Write Repeat 2015' competition

The dazzling, magnificent green scenery of beauty
The shining, brightness of the gleaming Sun
The sparkling petals of the beaming flowers
The ravishing, sensational smell of the breezing air
The sound of the stunning, glittering rush of the streams
Touching the animals as they calmly walk by
Tasting the ripe bright fruits growing on the thick shady trees
Bees taking pollen from the blossomed flowers.
Lying down on the fresh natural grass
Seeing imaginary pictures in the fluffy, soft clouds
Insects hopping and jumping with all their joy
The light blue colour of the shimmering sky
The butterflies flapping their wings happily thanking the creation God gave them
The calm flowing landscape of the astonishing picture
The luminous, glowing look of nature
The finest, pretty ponds lying in the open ground


25 was established in 1997, and since then we have successfully completed numerous short story and poetry competitions and publications.
We receive an overwhelming positive feedback each year from the teachers, parents and students who have involvement in these competitions and publications, and we will continue to strive to attain this level of excellence with each competition we hold.


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