In the morning Mr John had breakfast. Then Mr John went to cricket. He was batting. “Bang!” He hit a six. The umpire said, “Good job.” Kade was bowling and he stumped him. Then Trent was fielding with his team. Mr John had made 20 runs and was feeling very happy when he made a massive hit. It looked like it might be another six but… Trent did a super dive and caught the ball just near the boundary line. “OUT!” yelled the umpire. Mr John’s head was down because he felt upset with himself and he hoped that his team wouldn’t lose now. Then the third batsman, Mr Smart, came in. In his last game he got 40 runs. Mr Smart wants to achieve 60 runs this time. Mr Smart hit a six! Trent did not catch the ball. Then he hit a another six, then another. Mr Smart made his 60 runs. Then Kade ran out on the field. Kade hit a six and then he hit a couple more. They won the game and got to go to Queensland and all the theme parks where Kade and Trent went on the Scooby Doo ride, but Mr John and Mr Smart just watched. When they got off, they felt dizzy.