Katy The Chameleon

One day about a couple years ago there was a chameleon and her name was Katy.
One day she was just doing her normal agenda until she came to her friend Billy the bear and he said “come into my house and have something to eat, Katy” said Billy
“No thanks, I already had my breakfast but thanks anyway” So she kept walking around the forest and went along with her agenda too.
She was walking around the forest’s biggest tree and saw another one of her friends who was a tiger his name was Tornado the tiger he was out searching for his baby sisters and asked Katy if she could help him
“Hi there Katy would you be kind enough to help me find my baby sisters Stripes and Leo”. Asked Tornado the tiger.
Oh, said Katy the chameleon I would love to help you but…
“Okay let’s go and see if we can find them”. Said Tornado the tiger
Okay I’m coming to help you but I don’t know where they play when their outside”. Said Katy
Come on I’ll show you where they play when their out in the forest”. Said Tornado the tiger
So off they went to find Tornadoes little sisters, Leo and Stripes.
They travelled through the forest until they heard a strange sound and Tornado thought it was the sound of his sisters playing.
“Come on Katy I think I can hear them up a head”.
But when they got there it wasn’t them at all it was Susie the snake.
“G’day Katy, hi Tornado”. Said Susie. Lovely weather we’re having today”. What are you doing today”.
“I’m helping Tornado find his little sisters Stripes and Leo”. Replied Katy the chameleon
“Ooh, said Susie I would like to help you”. Asked Susie the snake.
We need more help so why not. Said Tornado the tiger.
So off they went to find Tornadoes little sisters Stripes and Leo.
They walked and walked and they ran and ran. Until Susie the snake thought she saw some orange and black through the bushes.
“Look, shouted Susie, I think I saw Stripes and Leo over there behind that bush”. So they went around the bush and there they were. Two little tigers playing with butterflies in the forest.
“Come on you two it’s time for lunch”. Said Tornado the tiger
“Oh no” said Katy the chameleon. It’ lunch time already. I must go now”. Said Katy. Goodbye Susie Goodbye Tornado
When Katy got home she went upstairs to get her journal to write in the great adventure she had had with all of her friends she would never forget the great adventures that they had had.


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