Fairyland In Trouble

One day faraway the fairies were having a birthday party for their friend Matilda. Then the Snow queen was watching she was very mad she didn't want anyone to have fun so she was thinking of a plan so she could crash the party. The next morning she had already thought of a plan. She had to lock Matilda up and disguise herself as Matilda. The day of the party was here Matilda was up and about doing her job, she had no idea what was happening. Everybody said they were having a very busy day cleaning the house. She thought nobody remembered her birthday, even Belle the birthday said that! But every fairy knew that it was Matilda's birthday and they were planning a surprise party for her. So while the fairies were planning the party they didn't see the snow queen creeping out of her palace and disguising herself as Matilda. Back at the salon Matilda was being captured by the snow queen then she carried her away in a sack and brought her back to the ice palace. The snow queen put Matilda behind ice bars and magically turned herself back to normal then Matilda saw that the snow queen had kidnapped her. Back at the castle Matilda's friends were still planning her party, so they went to the salon to check on Matilda. Then they saw that Matilda was gone then they saw a puddle of icy water, the snow queen had captured Matilda. Back at the palace Matilda was struggling to get away. She tried magical fire to melt the ice but it was too strong. All of Matilda's friends were charging their wands because they wanted to melt the whole palace then after charging their wands they went to the palace and melted the snow queen and the cage and they lived happily every after.


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