Fair Trade Impact

Consumers can make a huge impact on business and employees. Buying Fair trade helps people in poor communities get good working conditions and a good pay. Consumer to buy fair trade make a deep impact to changing safety and pay for people in developing countries. Foundations like fair trade help the consumers make a change to these developing countries. When consumers are focused on low prices they don't buy fair trade. Fair trade make their products a few cents over for the poor farmers. It still keeps the prices low but it helps the famers out Much more than your everyday product.consumers need to be educated about how their money makes impact fair trade communities.people need to know how there helping makes great impact to poor communities. Fair trade is a great foundation for helping those in need fair trade premium is another way of donating To this wonderful cause you can give money to help the people get education and medical attention. for more info go to fairtrade.com.au ,2015.


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