Excellence Award in the 'Read Write Repeat 2015' competition

It is warm and inviting,
It gives you a buzz that is almost exciting.
You get a great warm kiss,
Which fills you with a soft,soothing bliss.

Your body is enveloped in an everlasting hug,
Your eyes droop,you feel drowsy and snug.
It isn’t blinding, but has a subduing effect,
It is a bright light that you can redirect.

It skips across water showing you your face,
Its source is in an endless chase.
It scurries after the moon and the night,
And in the morning it is a mesmerizing sight.

It gives off a warm vibe that resembles care,
It wakes you with a sudden coruscating flare.
There are ways to capture this natural thing,
On Earth,sunlight will always rule as king.