The light stared down at me through its unblinking eye.Nearby,loud music from a club pumped out,making every note clear.A beetling, neon sign grabbed my attention, pronouncing one word out loud and clear:Stop.

I slowly halted,finally realising.It had all been a trick, a plot, a plan to destroy all my life's work.I had given up heaps just to do this -my family, my job, my house, everything.A lonely tear welled up in my eye, and slowly trickled down my dirt stained face.Many more followed.I fell to my knees.To a lone passerby, I would have looked like a jet-black haired woman sobbing, looking like she hadn't showered for weeks, and vainly howling in pain and agony.

A person slowly slid out of the dark ,concealing shadows of the deserted alleyway.The tall, thin woman in an austere suit circled me."You've finally given up haven't you?"she mockingly queried in a sweet tone.

Nausea overtook me.This ruthless creature had slaughtered many, including my sister.I gritted my teeth."Face it.This isn't over yet, Kabra.THJ is still as powerful as ever."I retorted with disgust.Her cruel kindness was supposed to wind me up,but I kept control.

The light illuminated us.Her arrogant, chillingly beautiful face, and my dirt and grime covered one.

"Join us, and you will be rewarded.Riches, power, whatever you want."She breathed in my ear.

There was a long ,silence moment.Everything was suddenly frozen,deathly quiet.


Then she pounced.

In a blink, she was on me,her pale, almost diaphanous hands gripping on to me.I glimpsed a flash of silver before I was pinned down, prostrated on to the gravel.My whole life flashed before my eyes.Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I glanced a silhouette if a figure, which had to be Borcsa.Kabra was now trapped in the dilemma if who to kill first: the agent who had caused HE so much trouble, or the one with proof to obliterate them.Her hesitation was all I needed.

I mustered all the remaining strength I possessed, and spontaneously leapt up and began activating a device which would immediately wipe her memory.Her eyes flinched and dilated in hatred.I could feel her anger, regret, and remorse, radiating off her like waves of heat.Her icy fingers spread open, ready to close around my neck, her cold heart ready to do anything for her master.She advanced upon me, as if she was the tiger and I was the prey, and she was preparing to kill me, coming closer and closer...

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