Hi, my name is Addison, but you can call me Addy. Well today, I was going to ask my mum if I could go on a cruise with my best friend, Max .The cruise is at the beach called Sunny Beach. I think he said it’s on Sunday and it’s only Wednesday. Oh great, I have to wait ages.

I go downstairs to the kitchen to find mum. She’s not there. I walk to the lounge room. It was only dad, I don’t want to ask him because he would say no for sure. I run back up the stairs desperate to find mum in the laundry. I go in holding my breath… and she is not in there.
I walk to my room in disappointment and read. Then I told myself to go and double check the kitchen because I didn’t look in the pantry. I walk down the stairs hoping mum is in the kitchen and SHE IS!!!!!! I am very confused now. Maybe she was hanging out the washing. Anyway, I ask her and she said “Maybe.”
Today is Thursday and I get up lazily and drag myself down to the kitchen, have breakfast and head to school. When I get there I explain everything to Max, he thinks it’s odd too!
On Saturday, actually who cares about Saturday, I really want to tell you about the cruise!
Max’s Dad, David pick me up. When we got to the beach David stayed with us until the boat arrived at the shore. We hopped on the boat, we were with one other person.
The captain said, “You may stand at the front or sit on the top,” and with that he showed a staircase that led to the top of the boat.
The other man looked about 24 years old. He sat at the top and went on his phone. He was wearing a black jumper and a pair of denim jeans. To me he looked a bit creepy.
Max and I were standing out the front. The water was clear and blue out far. I also swear I saw a jellyfish.

The other man approached where we were. I walked away and suddenly I slip and run into the side of the boat. Thank goodness I didn’t go overboard. Then the guy pushes me overboard. I scream as loud as I can “HELP!”
Max dives in after me. I start kicking around, stressed! The captain had not realised and the boat is drifting off. The man walks away from the side with a smile on his face.
We are so lucky it will only take about 10 minutes to swim back to shore. Phew! I am also happy and lucky I can swim. We swim as fast as we can just in case.
I am dripping wet and my mobile phone is broken. So I have to wait an hour before my mum comes to pick us up, Max and I play by the shore. It turned out to be a pretty good day.
When Mum eventually comes Max and I explain everything in the car.