Laser Lilly

Laser Lilly
One day in a castle on top of a hill there lived a princess. Her name was Laser Lilly. She lived with her day, sister and children.

One afternoon Lilly went into the village to buy some chocolate, milk and eggs to bake a cake for her sister’s birthday. While she baked the cake her four children hung some decorations….”Dad!” Lilly called.


“Help the kids decorate the tree.”


Lilly put the cake in the oven, set the times and went to go and send out the invitations.

There was a girl called Bella Tabbypaw who thought, “If I stole the crown I would be rich. So tonight I’ll break into the castle and steal the crown.

Meanwhile, Lilly decided to put one of her four kids to bed, and then go and buy the present. When she got home she remembered to take out the cake from the oven. Then she iced the cake.

After everyone had gone to bed Bella Tabbypaw attacked the castle. BOOM!! Everyone woke up. “Bella!” Lilly yelled. Bella ran with crown. “Stop her!” Lilly yelled. The guards ran after her. Lilly ran and ran. Bella tripped over a rock but she got back up. “STOP!” cried Lilly.

“NO!” Bella flew away. Lilly was so upset that she didn’t get the crown. She decided to try again the next day.

The following day Lilly and her family went to the beach. Lilly saw her friend, Dolphin Girl and her dolphins. “Have you seen Bella Tabbypaw?”

“Yes, I have. She flew passed by ten minutes ago. Why?” asked Dolphin Girl.

“She stole my Dad’s crown and I’m going to get it back.”

“Good luck. You’ll need it. I saw Bella in the bakery this morning,” said Dolphin Girl.

“Thanks a lot,” said Lilly and she left the beach. “To the bakery we go,” said Lilly. Bella was still there and she had the crown on her head. Lilly snatched it off her.


“No!” cried Bella. Lilly ran.

Bella knew she could not out run her so Bella said to herself: “Until next time, Lilly.”

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