Dance Of Lives

3rd in the 'Read Write Repeat 2015' competition

The Beginning
Moving through time, so perfect, so innocent... naïve,
The spontaneous, un-choreographed dance,
Untouched- fragile like a glass bird... Once.

The Acquisition
Societal strings tighten... now brainwashed, choreographed puppetry,
Remarkably, a whole world of arms and legs moving in synchronicity,
Controlled? But living incredible lives!... Perhaps?

The Ironic Facade
The serene, controlled duck... gracefully gliding upon the water,
An unseen chaotic, anguished struggle is masked beneath the shiny surface,
Enjoying the scenery? Managing to stay afloat... Just?

The Descent
Dancing on a matchstick, counting rapidly... the beat speeding up,
Red flames burning closer... devouring one’s place to stand,
No room for once dancing feet... 'Till we all fall down.

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