The Dragon Egg

Finalist in the 'Read Write Repeat 2015' competition

Thousands of years ago in Ancient China, near the Great Wall on a rocky hillside in a cave, there lived a mighty mother dragon. She was black all over with two bright yellow stripes running from crests on her head down either side of her body to her long snaking tail and her great wings. In a rocky nest at the rear of the cave, she laid a single egg. On night, she left the egg to fly to the Island of Life in the Sea of a Thousand Souls. There she was attacked by the five immortal tiger guardians and wounded badly, unable to fly home to her cave.
Many years passed.
One day, a man from a local village went foraging for food for the coming winter on the rocky hillside. He stumbled upon the hidden cave and went inside. There he found what thought to be a stone. It was the size of a large man’s fist, polished smooth and deep blue with bright swirls of yellow. He put the stone into his satchel with his other foragings and took it back to his village.
The village was a small collection of scattered cottages with patchworked roofs of crisscrossed reeds and grasses to keep out the winter rains. The wise man’s hut was more strongly made with a roof of sturdy wooden planks coming out over the edge of the rounded walls, all hung around with jade wind-chimes. The man entered quietly, not wanting to disturb the wise man in his Trance of Truth.
He asked the wise man about the stone. The wise man knew only that this was no stone and that a powerful magic lay within. After visiting the wise man, he went through the quiet streets of the village back to his home. Once home he went inside and sat down in his chair. He wondered what magic lay within the stone. He lay it before him beside the fire and sat and watched. Each night he returned to sit by the fire and watch the stone. If there was magic, he could not see it. Night after night nothing happened.
Just as he was about to give up hope of ever discovering the secret of the stone, a crack appeared. And then another. And then another. And then a sharp blue claw pushed through and then a blue head with yellow crests and a long neck, with bright yellow stripes leading to a body, wings and tail.
It was a baby dragon.


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