Hannah lay down in the back of a cart waiting for the tiring journey to begin. She had to do this or her memories would haunt her for as long as she lived. The farmer started driving the cart towards the wall that bordered the city to the outer world. After a few minutes the cart stopped and to guards came up to the cart ‘what were you doing in the city?’ asked the guard ‘I was selling my crops at the market’ the farmer sighed ‘very well you may go and I hope the queen as not seen that cart. It’s a dreadful sight’. I most likely would have if I’m lying in it, Hannah thought.
Hannah sat at the foot of her makeshift bed thinking of her old life at the palace of Worton. It was now a war camp for prisoners. Hannah had lived at the farm for around 2 years helping out with the chores her friend came from the eastern part of her city. Jake lived in a little house at the edge of the forest just behind the farm. ‘Hannah’ snapped Jake. He was standing underneath her window ‘what do you want’ I shouted ‘just come down here and I’ll tell you’ ‘ alright I’m coming’ shouted Hannah. Hannah raced down the stairs and into the kitchen. ‘where are you going’ Elza asked ‘ I’m going outside’ Hannah shouted as she slipped outside. Hannah ran towards the edge of the forest were Jake was waiting. ‘I’ve been dying to go outside’ said Hannah as she breathed in the crisp autumn air. ‘When I was walking around I heard the guards patrolling our area their looking for you.’
Hannah sat in the back of the police truck next to Jake. She had been hiding for months in the forest. In that time she had been longing that she could come out of hiding and finally it had happened, but now she hated it. I must get out of here it is terrible.
‘The town is in danger of no longer existing’ said the policeman ‘I do not care I’d rather get the disease then live here’ said Hannah ‘I’m going outside’ said Hannah and with that she ran down the corridor and out to the main street. The street was cramped with people that were sick.
Hannah was lying in a hospital bed she was blind and her hair was falling out. ‘Jake was sitting next to her’ you poor thing he said.


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