Baa Wars 1

The flock were training to battle with lightsabres in their amazing lab in space. Shirley could not use a lightsabre because she was too fat and heavy. Shaun was furious about this. She did not throw it, push it, fling it with her mouth or even kick it. Shirley just ate it. So in the end she trapped bad guys in her wool while fighting. Shaun made lots of scarecrows for the flock to fight since the flock always destroyed them. Then Shaun heard a cry for help. “Help me!” cried the voice, “This bad guy is going to kill me! Somebody help me please!” Then he heard a voice snarling. “I don’t care if you want to be killed or not!” snarled the voice, “Whoever comes to save you, I will shoot them”. Shaun hurried to rescue the sheep who was in trouble. But what he did not know was that there was only one sheep. It was a trap! When Shaun saw that he had been tricked, he floated there, shocked. “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haa!” laughed the bad guy, “you’re not escaping now.”
But then, Shirley came! Shirley trapped the bad guy in her wool. “Thanks for saving me” he said gratefully. “How dare you trap me in your fat wool!!!” the bad guy yelled. “I’ll find my gun in this wool and kill you.” “You won’t be finding your gun in there” chuckled Shaun. “Why!?” asked the bad guy surprised. “Because I’ve got your gun” chuckled Shaun. “Anyway, if you tried to shoot Shirley it would go through her wool.” “Well, what do you know?” said Shaun, slyly. “I found that it is an electric shotgun. I can do all sorts of things nice with it. Wow! It even has batteries that never need replacing! I don’t like to charge guns up so that’s really good” he babbled. While Shaun was commenting about the gun, the bad guy was muttering to himself. But then Shaun stopped babbling and ordered Shirley to eat a lightsabre he had put on the planet’s surface. Shirley obeyed. She ate it in three seconds. “Ahhhh!!!” screamed the bad guy, after Shirley had eaten the lightsabre. The lightsabre cut all my wool off! I hate you Shaun!!” he yelled furiously. “Ha Ha Haa!!” laughed Shaun. “You’re so funny!!” Then Shaun whistled quite loudly and all of the good sheep came.
All of the sheep, except for Shaun, Shirley and of course the bad guy, were in x-wings. Timmy had a jar full of sleeping potion and gave it to Shaun. Then, Shaun pulled out the bad guy from Shirley’s wool and found that he was sweating all over. He quickly poured the sleeping potion onto him. The bad guy fell asleep. Then Shaun told the flock to carry the bad guy and put him into the Empire’s palace. When they arrived, the flock dumped the bad guy right behind the entrance to the Death Star. Then Shaun ran as fast as he could into the palace to get the picture of where the weak spot is on the Death Star. When Shaun came back, he whistled loudly and R2-D2 and C3-P0 came. “I almost forgot to tell you Shaun” said C3-Po, smacking himself in the face. “You need to lock all of the doors, but before that, R2 needs to screw all of the locks off on the other side”. “What an excellent idea!” exclaimed Shaun. “We really need to hurry,” whistled R2-D2. “The next battle starts at 6 o’clock in the morning!” (Shaun had said that so that the good sheep would win.) “Well then start unscrewing!” exclaimed Shaun. R2-D2 did as he was told. He finished in 20 seconds. Then Shaun rapidly shut all of the doors and locked them. “There won’t be any battle now,” laughed Shaun. “All of the bad guys are somewhere in the Death Star”. “Ummm, Shaun” said Timmy. “You’re forgetting the Giant Slug and his soldiers”. “Oh nooo” cried Nuts. “He’s got things that sheep and robots have to step into and they turn evil”!!! “Who cares?” said Shaun. “I’ve got that awesome gun!!! Anyway, we’ve also got the weak spot for Giant Slug’s palace!!” “Should we go in a Star Cruiser? Then we’d have more firepower” asked Timmy. “Yes! Of course!!” exclaimed Shaun. “First can we have lunch? I’m starving,” asked Shirley. “No” answered Shaun, sternly. They found a powerful Star Cruiser and went aboard. Shaun started the engine and off they went. As they were flying, Timmy’s Mum spotted Giant Slug’s palace. Shaun found the weak spot and destroyed it with the awesome gun. The bad guys were defeated!